With all the expansions out this past week, sometimes you've got to go big just to feel like you're keeping up. Star Wars Galaxies has done that wonderfully with the arrival of Chapter 11, bringing us to the world of Hoth. In addition to bringing a whole new planet, there's also a great heroic encounter - the Battle for Echo Base.

The patch notes are much too long to show in their entirety here, but here's the highlights of Echo Base.

The Battle of Echo Base:

* The Battle of Echo Base is the newest heroic encounter in Star Wars Galaxies. Those sympathetic to the Rebel Alliance or Galactic Empire begin their journey to Hoth at the Adventurers' Guildhall in Aurilia.
* Only those who have chosen a side in the Galactic Civil War can take part in the battle, and all group members must be the same faction in order to enter the encounter together. A recruiter is available within the Guildhall.
* Each stage of the battle has its own objectives and goals, so keep an eye on both your comm window and the Quest Journal for important updates!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016