Grant "Rogue_5" McDaniel Comlinks Spy and Medic

The official forums for Star Wars Galaxies has been updated with two new comlinks from SOE Producer for Star Wars Galaxies, Grant McDaniel. You can read up on the spy and medic to learn more about them.

There is also news from the Test Center in the form of Chapter 4 highlights:


* Factions: When leaving the Imperial or Rebel factions, you must now wait 5 days before joining the opposing side. You can still rejoin the side you left without waiting for the timer to expire.
* GCW: Crackdown scans will no longer be confused about your proper GCW rank.
* Space: Pilot trainers will check for the proper GCW faction (instead of positive faction standing), before signing a player to a pilot profession.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016