Launch day is here!
The long wait for the next Richard Garriott title is finally over and
fans can begin filing into the war-ravaged world of Tabula Rasa. To
round out our week of features, this is the official press release
issued by NCsoft concerning the release of TR, along with a whole bunch
of screenshots taken from NCsofts cache of media content. Take your
time looking around; there's a lot to see and take in. Once you finish
up with the screenshots, make sure you href="">check out the
"Quotes from the Field" article to give credence to href="">Ten Ton
Hammer's review of the game.

style="font-weight: bold;">NCsoft Releases Richard
Garriott's Tabula Rasa

NCsoft, the
world's leading developer
and publisher of online computer games, has announced that Richard
Garriott's Tabula Rasa, a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game for
the PC where players are thrust into an exciting intergalactic
struggle, launches commercial service in North America and Europe on
November 2, 2007.

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title="Standard Box"> src="/image/view/14148/preview"

style="font-style: italic;">Tabula Rasa
Standard Edition

"Now the fun begins! I can't wait to join thousands of other players in
this exciting galactic war," said Richard Garriott, the game's
executive producer. "It is time for us to release Tabula Rasa to the
players. I am eager to see player reaction to the game, and am ready to
build on what we've started here. We've got plans for new features and
expansions for the foreseeable future and I'm hoping the players will
enjoy the game and get excited about what's in store for them next!"

Tabula Rasa, one of the most anticipated PC titles of the year, is the
vision of gaming legend Richard Garriott. The game combines a rich game
world and deep storyline with military combat and fast paced
action.  Set in a near-future science fiction backdrop,
players must fight to save humanity against hostile alien enemies
trying to gain control of the universe.

"Dell and NCsoft have worked together closely over the past few years,"
said Michael Dell, chairman and CEO of Dell Inc. "I think Richard has
really created a compelling game in Tabula Rasa. This game gives those
who enjoy role-playing a rich and deep experience, while appealing to
action gamers too. He's taken this game beyond being the next MMO entry
into the field. It really is a fun, fast paced combat game that
provides even more depth for players who want it. I'm excited to join
the fight!"

The game introduces several innovative elements to massively
multiplayer online games, including a Character Cloning
System™ that allows players to explore different character
classes without having to create a new character, and dynamic
battlefields where players feel the frenetic action of combat in an
ongoing war.

style="margin: 10px; border-collapse: collapse; float: left; width: 136px; height: 165px;"

title="CE Contents"> src="/image/view/14159/preview"

style="font-style: italic;">The contents of the
Limited Collector's Edition.

"We are all very excited about the addition of Tabula Rasa to our
catalog of games," stated Robert Garriott, CEO of NCsoft's North
American operation. "One of NCsoft's goals is to provide different
types of online gaming products – both within the 'proven'
fantasy genre and outside the genre, as well. This game is truly
unique; we hope that Tabula Rasa's science fiction background and
military combat action proves to be enjoyable to many types of gamers."

The standard edition box of Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa will be
available at major online retailers at an expected retail price of
$49.99 and at the href="">PlayNC
store. Customers will be able to purchase the Limited
Collector's Edition box from major retailers at an expected retail
price of $69.99. Both products include the first month of online game
play. After the first month, players will be charged a monthly
subscription fee of $14.99. Sixty-day game time cards will
also be available at many North American retailers for an expected
retail price of $29.99. The game is rated Teen by the
Entertainment Software Rating Board.

For more information about Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa go to

For more information about the Limited Collector's Edition go to

For more information regarding NCsoft's relationship with Dell go to

style="height: 200px; text-align: left;"
title="Some PvP Combat"> src="/image/view/14149/preview"
width="175"> href=""
title="Take Cover!"> src="/image/view/14147/preview"
width="175"> href=""
title="Cutting through the Defenses"> src="/image/view/14157/preview"
width="175"> href=""
title="Over the Shoulder Shot">

title="Over the Shoulder Shot"> src="/image/view/14152/preview"
width="175"> href=""
title="Some PvP Combat">

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