No respecs for you. Tough luck.

There was no free respec given out in patch 1.5 for Tabula Rasa, and some players are pretty upset about it (Spies in particular). There may still be hope for them, though:

A respec was not given out with version 1.5, but we are still discussing if we're able to give one out to Spies (as they were affected most with the last patch). We are investigating what it will entail to do this, so please stay tuned for updates.

In our next publish (version 1.6), we are making some exciting changes that will allow players to fairly easily respec their characters. We will be removing the current Control Point mission rewards, which are simply Crafting recipes, and replacing them with Respec Tokens that can be purchased and used. One kind of Respec Token will reset your character’s attributes, and a second kind will reset your character’s skills. These will be available to characters of all levels, and will require a reasonably small amount of time attacking and defending control points in order to purchase the Respec Tokens.

We want to encourage players to experiment with different skill, ability, and attribute combinations. We want to make sure everyone will be able to easily adjust to ongoing improvements we make to skills and abilities for all classes, and adding an easy respec mechanism is a great way to do that!

Read it for yourself at the TR community site.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016