No worries. Soon you will see again, brothers!

It looks like the recent Tabula Rasa patch messed up the graphics settings for some players. Fortunately, the TR team has provided you with some handy workarounds:

We came across a problem with 1.5 that caused certain video cards to display the game incorrectly. We are working on a hotfix for this issue, but in the meantime would like to provide you with a workaround if you are experiencing this issue.

The best workaround is to run the client in windowed mode. If you can’t get into the game to do this from the options screen, you can manually edit the client.cfg.

To edit the client.cfg file, make sure Tabula Rasa isn’t running. Go to the install directory (default is C:\Program Files\NCsoft\Tabula Rasa). Open the “client.cfg” file in Word Pad or your favorite text file editor. Find the following line and be sure to set its value to “False”:

Client.Graphics.FullScreen = False

Get more info at the official site.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016