Are you a roleplayer? How about someone who likes to write back stories or thinks about the Tabula Rasa world a lot?

The Tabula Rasa Roleplayers are running their first contest! Here's the challenge: they will give you the subject and you decide how it plays out in your own fan fiction story. Submit your written entry by midnight, December 15, 2007, and you're done! Easy enough right? The fabulous prizes include a Tabula Rasa Frag Mat & T-Shirt for 1st place and two Runners Up will each receive a Tabula Rasa T-shirt. The winning entries will also be published on the Official Tabula Rasa Website.

Check out the Tabula Rasa Roleplayers Fansite for the complete instructions! Good Luck!

Head over to the Tabula Rasa Role Players site and enter!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016