Are you a Science Fiction fan? Do you debate the differences between Star Trek series or why robots can't kill humans? Tabula Rasa is holding a Sci-Fi trivia contest in game run by General British himself and will provide not only the chance to meet him but score some credits as well!

Do you pride yourself as a Sci-Fi guru? Well, today you have your chance to prove it to the entire universe! Join us in game for the AFS Sci-Fi Trivia Challenge! General British himself will be there to ask the questions, and you can get a chance to meet the General and win some credits just by demonstrating your Sci-Fi prowess. So be sure to log in and listen up to win!
Here are the times...

Centaurus 1pm Central

Pegasus – 6pm Central

Orion – 8 pm Central

Cassiopeia – 9pm Central

See you in game Soldier!!!

You can read the entire announcement on the official site!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016