Crafting: time to slim it down, yet give it more muscle.

Realizing that they need to do something about a lackluster crafting system. Tabula Rasa is heading back to the gym to make the system more sleek yet pack a serious punch. However, instead of wholesale changes, the Tabula Rasa crafting system will be getting incremental modifications over the upcoming publishes.

"The idea is to ease TR into a new and improved Crafting system rather than throwing it off the deep end."

The key component being changed appears to be the overall ease of use. The goals are to simplify and make the crafting accessible, and from Friday's Feedback:

"'s how we think we can reach those goals:

* Eliminate the Crafting skills and leave Crafting without skill requirements
* Remove the maximum item level limitation on module upgrade recipes
* Remove the Crafting components required for upgrading modules
* Introduce a new kind of crafting resource that is a new "currency" like Prestige
-Change Disassembly to allow salvaging items to get the new currency
-Crafting activities consume this currency
-Make it so you can choose your own level of risk
* Add in the ability to remove modules from existing items
* Add in the ability to integrate the removed modules into other items"

Another key component to the upgrade is inventory management. The author of the Friday Feedback news, Mike Moore discussed the elimination of the dreaded crafting mule requirement. He also stated that the changes are not going to be wholesale, but the crafting will be "tons better" after the first iteration. The entire Friday Feedback was on this topic, so if you are one of the stakeholders of the game, you should read the entire article.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016