The Elder Scrolls Online (TESO) team has posted another round of answers to community questions this week in a new “Ask Us Anything” variety pack edition. This time the devs tackled questions about TESO PvP and a number of gameplay related questions about Cyrodiil.

In regards to PvP, the devs confirmed that levels will be scaled up to 50 for players that join a PvP zone rather than breaking players up into brackets. So while higher level players will have the advantage as far as additional available skills go, players of lower levels should still be able to compete against natual higher level opponents.

The devs also took on a number of other questions relating to skills, dynamic questing & events, lootable items from crates, barrels and houses, how players can influence the world, skill options, and raid content...or lack thereof.

"The problem here is the definition of the word “raid,” which means different things to different people. When we said we won’t have “raids,” we meant that we won’t have raids in the traditional sense of the word—we’ll have our own way to get large groups together. There will absolutely be large-group PvE activity in the game, but we’re not ready to talk about those systems yet. We have mentioned adventure zones in the past, but we won’t go into details until those systems are finalized."

It's hard to say what Zenimax has in store for TESO's large-group PvE. It could be a variation of raids to some extent or perhaps an open world dynamic element in the form of RIFT's invasion style dynamic events or Guild Wars 2's dynamic style content. In any case, stay tuned and we'll update you when we have more.

Source: TESO Ask Us Anything

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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