Zenimax Online devs gathered up another collection of community questions this week for The Elder Scrolls Online’s (TESO) Variety Pack 10. The latest round of questions focuses primarily on character customization options dealing with everything from hairstyles to armor and beer bellies.

I saw the new character creation video, and I think it's great! But there's one thing that deeply concerns me: why isn’t there a beer belly for female characters? That option looked especially charming for males, so why take it away from all those beer-lovers who like to play as females? - Katri Kuu

We showed lots of variety in the video, but we didn’t cover the entire spectrum that will be available to you. In addition to the triangle, you’ll be able to individually adjust several parts of your character, including a slider for the stomach. In the video, the male character had most of his body sliders, such as his belly size, set to the maximum—the female didn’t. You’ll be able to change this to your liking for your character.

Additionally, the team also tackled questions about TESO’s PvP resurrection, bank storage, and non-player guild functionality (Figherts Guild, Mage Guild, ect.).

How will be able to join the real guilds in game? Will I have to find their leader and fulfill some requirements to join them or do recruiters roam the lands? - Amanda Lorn

We assume you mean the Fighters and Mages Guild. You’ll visit their representatives in cities and they will ask if you wish to join. Simple as that!

Source: TESO Variety Pack 10

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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