The Elder Scrolls Online (TESO) is just over a month away from launch and already it’s had its share of controversy with the Imperial Edition pre-order option, which locks one race and their crafting options behind a pay wall. This week the Zenimax team took up another round of questions from the community to answer in their Variety Pack 13 Q&A series.

The latest Q&A series confirms several things, a few of those include that players will have 8 character slots available at launch, only one person needs to have the Ring of Mara from the Imperial Edition for two to take the oath for the bonus, and guild leaders will not be able to change their guild’s alliance once it’s been created.

Will a guild leader be able to change their guild’s alliance choice in-game after the guild is created?

Guild leaders won't be able to change a guild’s alliance affiliation after the guild is created. This is important in AvA, because guilds can only capture keeps for their chosen alliance. For this reason, it's important for guild leaders and members to choose an alliance carefully. When an individual player joins a guild, all of the characters on that player’s account will gain access to the guild regardless of their character's alliance.

The rest of the Q&A tackles questions on what will be available during early access, the Imperial Edition content, how easy players can meet up with friends, and how non-Imperial players can craft that Imperial armor.

In order to craft and transform armor into the Imperial style, do I need to play as an Imperial?

All races can innately craft items in their style, and the Imperials are no exception—Imperial characters can innately craft Imperial items. Characters that are not Imperials must find the Imperial racial style book while exploring Tamriel in order to craft Imperial style armor.

Those who have purchased the Imperial Edition will also be able to convert weapons and armor of other racial styles into the Imperial style. This ability is not limited to characters of the Imperial race.  However, once converted, an item becomes bound to the account.  Imperial converted items cannot be traded or purchased by players who did not purchase the Imperial Edition. Those players will need to buy goods from Imperial crafters.

Source: TESO Ask Us Anything Variety Pack 13

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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