The Developers of Tabula Rasa are already working hard on the first big patch, but what will be in it? The test notes are up and it appears there are a ton of bug fixes in the works along with a few class and mission tweaks. Cross your fingers and hold on to your butts, a big patch is coming soon.

Creature Updates
All creature encounters are reduced from an average scale of x2 to x1.5 .
Atta soldier’s will once again get up close and personal with you.
The Brann have rolled out their own line of turrets for increased defensive capabilities.
Fithik should be easier to kill and deal less damage now.
Fithik self-destruct explosions do more damage and in a slightly larger radius now.
Hominis machina laser attacks will now be treated as laser damage and will no longer have a chance to knockback.
Kael spawns have been reduced so that no more than 2 spawn simultaneously.
All varieties of Mox should now have and frequently employ their energy attack.
Reconstructor bot bosses will now employ their full range of abilities.
Various special abilities were removed from Cuthah Elite Infantry and Cuthah Elite Technicians.
Warden bots will now more aggressively approach players.
Warden Bots now leave corpses.

This isn't a fraction of the notes so make sure to stop by the official forums and read them.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016