Test received another patch over the weekend, fixing a few things that had been /bug reported by the players. Big on the list are the Line of Sight problems, and the Super-sized font.

Bug Fixes

* Improved Stability
* Fixed: Mission: Herbal Remedy (Concordia:Wilderness): Only "Old Scratch" is receiving kill credit
* Fixed: Combat Mechanic: Line of Sight
* Fixed: Armor: Percentage Mods are present in game and performing the incorrect math to stats
* Fixed: Map: Live Target Pens: Door can only be opened once, when it closes players on the wrong side of the door are stuck
* Some Forean Hybrid Missions moved to Minos Caverns
* Fixed: UI: Font is changed: Text is larger for many elements,and causing overlay of text in some elements;Game performance may degrade over time. If this happens, please restart the game.
* Fixed: Mission: Traitor on the Run

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016