Another patch has hit the Test Server on Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa. This time the focus was on fixing a few problems. Public Test Patch

* Bug Fixes:If a Clan Member Kicks their Own Alt from their Clan the Alt still shows as in the Clan on the Character Selection Screen and Overhead Indicator in game.
* Removed pause from Auto-fire of some weapons.
* Blades now do physical damage with their alt attack.
* Fixed: When changing from a higher resolution to a lower one on video cards less than an nVidia 5900 and ATI x800 the viewable area stretches off screen. When going from a lower resolution to a higher one black borders fill in the void since the game looks shrunk to the upper left side of the screen.
* Fixed: If you are running the client in fullscreen mode and alt tab during a loading screen, the game may crash.
* Fixed: Upon entering the game, portions of your character may not display
* Fixed: UI: Clan\Ignore\Friends List: Characters appear online in lists if other player quits the client
* Fixed: Weapon: Propellant Gun: Some weapon mods (like Steal Power) are not functioning
* Fixed: Ability: Shield extender (Sapper): Casting Shield Extender (All pumps) on a NPC or another player will cause the reuse timer to not funtion.
* Fixed: The performance drop in Foreas Base.
* Fixed: The Control Point reward schematics are all set to minimum level 45 to use at all the CP vendor reward packages.

See the notes for yourself at the official site, then post your thoughts in the Tabula Rasa Community Forums.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016