I have a soft spot for all things zombie. It’s a guilty pleasure of sorts that prompts me to track down zombie games and zombie movies alike, and another has recently come to my attention with The Dead Linger. October is certainly a fitting time for the undead hordes of the world to shamble out of the shadows seeking human flesh to devour, and there are plenty of games offering that this month. After all, zombies are the last bastion of old school horror monsters given that vampires and werewolves have been stripped of their dignity. While The War Z is set to kick off its beta this Halloween, The Dead Linger will be launching its zombie hordes into alpha testing the same day, a very fitting time to unleash a pair of zombie plagues.

While not an MMO, The Dead Linger is a sandbox style zombie game with a multiplayer option. The Dead Linger offers a number of playstyle options ranging from various PvP modes, Hardcore perma-death modes to simple cooperative and single player PvE. But even in PvE you can be killed by other players, it’s just a bit harder. Oh, and zombies can only be killed with a shot to the head, as it should be...well, unless we’re talking Return of the Living Dead zombies, but that’s a whole different beast all together.

Visit The Dead Linger website and FAQ to learn more. Alpha is set to get underway on October 31st for pre-order customers and Kickstarter supporters.

Thanks to Drax for the tip.

Source: The Dead Linger Alpha Announcement

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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