We’re just three weeks away from the official launch of The Elder Scrolls Online (TESO) and Game Director Matt Firor has posted a new message to the community about the road ahead. The first bit of good news for Zenimax is that a reportedly 5 million players have registered for the TESO beta. Firor offered his thanks to those that have taken part in the large-scale stress tests and regular betas.

Firor discussed some of the changes made to the tutorial section of TESO based on feedback, which now allows players to skip the Cold Harbor section as well as combat changes and improvements to melee.

The NA and EU megaservers will be hosted in NA at launch, but fret not EU players. They’ll soon be moved to an EU datacenter, and Firor is promising all players a polished and lag-free experience.

"And just to be fully prepared, we are adding overflow servers in the event we get even more players on day one than we are now forecasting. If player demand overwhelms our planned capacity and a queue has to be formed, we will offer waiting players the option to begin playing right away on an overflow server. The overflow server is meant to be a temporary place where you can begin your adventure as you normally would – gain experience, items, achievements, etc.  The character you create and everything gained as you temporarily play on an overflow server will transfer back with you when you log in the next time on the main megaserver. While you’ll still be able to group on the overflow servers, other social features like PvP or access to your friends list and guild will be unavailable during that play session - but we want to offer this option to allow players to get into the game quickly, create a character and start to enjoy ESO without delay. This way, you can log in and play, and when the queue shrinks, you can switch to the megaserver and continue to play with the character you created."

 Given the many MMORPG launches that I’ve taken part in, I can say that that is quite a promise. Let’s see if they can keep it.

Closing up the post, Firor revealed that the team is already working on the first content update for TESO with Craglorn, a group-based piece of content geared towards endgame players. Expect the details for it to be revealed in the near future.

Source: ESO Road Ahead

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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