Facing the Darkness

Quarion brings us more information about the upcoming Shadow Crypt with the Journal of Dama Calla Swiftmare.

The Journal Of Dame Calla Swiftmare



Journal Of Dame Calla Swiftmare

Knight of the Argent Fist

“I am the hand of the Silver Flame. Its purity infuses my soul, its
righteous anger flows through my body. Repent, sinner, or I must share
it with you.”

7 Aryth:

Through the grace of the Silver Flame, I have survived to write another
entry in this journal. Always, I feel the gaze of Tira Miron watching
me from afar, urging me to hold back nothing in my sacrifice for our
faith, just as Tira gave herself to become the Flame that guides us all.

Our detachment of Argent Fist paladins reached the Necropolis and
established its camp, although not without bloodshed. We were
challenged by the formidable Brother Salasso, but some local
adventurers helped us defeat him and obtain the Heretical Path. If we
can retrieve the other two tomes, we will put an end to the Black
Abbot’s dreams of ascending to godhood.

I am wary of working with the Emerald Claw. We have a common goal, but
will they stay true to their word and work with us to eliminate this
perilous threat? I don’t trust them, even though the Voice of the Flame
assures me that their help is indispensable.

Our next objective is to retrieve the Twisted Apocrypha from Brother
Nerezza, the vampire tasked with scripting the second tome. He has the
assistance of a council comprised of the Black Abbot's most trusted
aides -- the so-called Shadow Council -- although I wonder whether the
Shadow Council or Brother Nerezza is truly in charge. The journey into
the Shadow Crypt will be our most harrowing challenge yet. May the
Silver Flame banish all the shadows between ourselves and victory.

I understand the dire need that has called me to serve here, but I
cannot help thinking about my mother in her illness. Please, Tira,
continue to watch over her. I hope I can defeat the vile Abbot soon, so
that I may return to her side before she passes out of my hands, and
into your own.

8 Aryth:

I had retired to my tent for the night after a long day of research and
prayer when suddenly the air around me became very cold as darkness
enveloped me. The unholy council appeared out of thin air before me.
The four shadows approached as my hand reached down for my weapon. My
thoughts quickly turned to my ill mother, as I felt an overwhelming
sense of fear sweep over me. One of them began to speak, it sounded
like a cross between the harsh aggressive winds of a storm and the
sound of fingernails scraping slate. He informed me that they sought an
audience with the all powerful Knight of the Argent Fist. I heard him
out, keeping my hand firmly wrapped around the hilt of my sword, the
Enduring Conviction. He told me they would help me defeat the Black
Abbot. In return I would have to help free them of their service to
him. They would come again when the moons of Sypheros and Barrakas were
full, giving me three weeks to decide. As quickly as they had arrived,
they were gone. What remained was the most difficult decision I will
ever have to face. I sensed a great evil in them, though I could tell
their visit was without nefarious intentions. I know you have the
answers I seek Tira, I pray you will find me worthy to share them with.

10 Aryth:

None of my training, prayer or research could have prepared me for
this, Tira. I still have yet to make much of the Shadow Council’s
proposition. I have been able to ascertain from my recent encounter
that they are half-wraith, half-shadow and all powerful. Throughout my
career in service to the Silver Flame, I have battled countless agents
of evil, never once have I had to work together with them. Although the
fact that we are working so closely with the Emerald Claw proves to me
that anything is possible.

I had assumed I would have seen this in all my prayer. The Silver Flame
should have allowed me to see this coming. Now I am left with are
questions. I have less than three weeks to figure this all out.

Is the council capable of being trusted? Will my prayer lead me to the
right decision?

My main task is to ensure the Black Abbot does not achieve his goal.
Ultimately what is more important? Completing my quest or staying true
to my faith? Is it possible to do both?

It is so hard to keep my focus when my thoughts turn to mother.
Especially after the letter I received today. It is most troubling news
indeed that her condition has worsened. I need to stay focused on the
task at hand. Please, Tira show me the way.

12 Aryth:

I have begun to seek answers to these questions I have. The Shadow
Council is comprised of the four members I encountered the other night.
There seems to be a definitive hierarchy amongst their ranks. The Lord
must have been the one that spoke to me. There is also the Shadow
Guard, the Shadow Knight, and the Shadow King. These four were hand
picked to be the council by the Black Abbot.

I will look into their pasts at a later date, for now I am concerned
about their connection to the Abbot and if they can be trusted or not.
They seem to be quite a powerful group. I don’t fully know what they
are fully capable of yet, but their display a few days ago was
impressive and will warrant much more research before encountering them

Why would this group that has been with the Abbot for so long, all of a
sudden want to turn against him? Were they enlisted against their will
by the Abbot? If they were, perhaps they truly want to be rid of the
control he has over them.

Tira, please voice my concerns to the Silver Flame. I have been one of
her most reliable servants and I do all that I should without question.
In this, my most dire moment I require her divine direction. Give me a
sign that I am on the right path and please let me know my mother is
being watched over. I fear I may never see her again.

15 Aryth:

My research of late has produced very little in the way of results. It
has been much harder to find information about this Shadow Council than
I had originally thought. I may need to seek other avenues for
information; if that involves arranging a meeting with the Emerald Claw
that is what I must do. There have been whispers that Kai-Teng Fairuza
has also been approached by the Shadow Council. Could they be trying to
drive a stake through the fragile relationship between the two
organizations, or is their plan for us to all work together? Regardless
of what they have planned, I should seek out and speak with Kai-Teng as
soon as possible. He may very well be facing a similar dilemma. It
might also help me to deal with this if there is someone that will
understand the sort of plight I am in. I must admit, it would be nice
to speak with someone else instead of communicating all my thoughts to
you, Tira. I don’t even know if my thoughts are getting to you.

I need to meditate and pray some more. That will clear my mind.
Tomorrow I will seek an audience with Kai-Teng Fairuza and speak with
him about the Shadow Council.

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