Yet another community setback.

The Wolf Pack, a volunteer group of Tabula Rasa players dedicated to being a liaison between the community and the devs, has called it quits.

In yet another long line of tragedies for the Tabula Rasa community, the Alpha Wolf Pack has announced that it will be packing up and retiring from their duties. This group of dedicated players have mostly moved on to other games, or simply retired their characters from Tabula Rasa itself. There were no other reasons given, yet we all know that simple lack of interest is all that's needed.

What was the Alpha Wolf Pack, you might ask? It was a group of nine players (one for each tier 4 class in the game, plus one for overall game mechanics) that was dedicated to acting as a liaison between the community and the devs. This group wrote reports and filed them with the NCsoft dev team as a way to get the players' most-pressing concerns heard. This group lays claim to such successful endeavors as the respeccing changes and the Prestige system which was recently implemented. This most recent set-back to the TR community seems to be a big one, but we hope the community -- and the game -- can recover.

To see the Wolf Pack's brief statement, check here.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016