It’s that time of the month again. Game Director Joel Bylos is making his rounds for Funcom’s MMOG lineup. We covered Bylos' AoC update earlier, so now we're off to The Secret World for news on the upcoming Issue #8 and #9 updates.

Bylos opened his September update with the Gilded Rage event, which kicked off earlier this month and ended with players successfully undertaking the challenge and leading into the next event with the Whispering Tide. Unlike the Gilded Rage event, the Whispering Tide is a long-term event in which players aid the Custodians of Agartha in cleansing the Filth-infected Tokyo portal by gathering materials. The event will last up until Funcom releases the Issue #9 update and the new Tokyo playfield. Bylos teased more about some of the voice actors that will be returning for the update along with a few mission details.

As you might expect, with October approaching, The Secret World will also be holding its own Halloween festivities with the return of the Cat God event. Additional missions will be added this year called Stories from Solomon Island, tasking players with reading a series of scary stories from residents across the island.

Bylos also touched on some of the recent adjustments to the new random event driven simulation Scenarios coming with Issue #8. Read all about them in the September update.

Source: TSW September Update

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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