The guilds of Dungeons and Dragons Online will soon be able to earn benefits for its members through a new Guild Leveling System scheduled to go live with Update 5. Members will be able to help level up their guild by earning renown through their adventures. As a guild levels, it will unlock benefits and rewards, which will be touched on more in a future developer diary. Guilds will only be able to earn a certain amount of renown each day and that renown is also subject to decay if a guild becomes inactive beyond level 26.

Guild advancement is a feature that many MMORPGs tend to overlook at launch, so this will be a welcome addition to many players.

For the first part of a guild’s level progression, decay of a guild’s renown isn’t a concern, but as a guild’s level increases beyond a certain threshold, they start to face additional challenges progressing – and maintaining - their renown and guild level.  This mostly pertains to ambitious guilds that attain very high renown; we felt that this would create an exciting dynamic and foster some friendly competition! Who can rise to the top, and stay at the top, of the city’s list of famous guilds?

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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