The PAX event has ended, and there will be a write-up on it coming soon!

Sporkfire - Had a Great Time at PAX - Original Thread:

"Just got off the plane a little bit ago, and wanted to drop in to say thanks to everyone who visited our booth and attended the party. We here at Turbine all had a great time meeting the community. I'm about to go home and go to bed (I was on the red eye flight), but Samera will still be here while I hibernate

We'll be writing a wrap-up of the event this week, just like GenCon, so you guys can see it from our eyes. It was a great experience to see so many people play the game, and then to be able to talk to them about their questions, feedback and suggestions."

And comments have been made that with more community staff, DDO info should be released more actively, now.

Samera - Original Thread:

"Actually....on the contrary I think you can expect to see MORE information soon.

Working with the community is really a two-person (minimum) job. Shortly after Sporkfire came onboard (in March I think), Xundau became Beta Manager. Xundau tried to help Spork as much as he could, but Beta Manager is a huge job unto itself, and, understandably, most of his time has been spent working on Alpha/Beta. That left Spork running things on his own for quite awhile now.

I'm part of the team now, but I've only been working on this project for about three weeks and I'm still getting up to speed.

There's a ton of stuff we want to do, and we should be able to start doing it now that I'm mostly settled in and GenCon and PAX are behind us."

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016