Subscription-based Vendetta Online has added a new option to its Kickstarter page. Currently sitting at roughly $38,612 of its $100,000 goal to further develop features for the space-based game, developer Guild Software has added a new free-to-play option if the Kickstarter goal is reached.

Guild Software’s John "Incarnate" Bergman posted the new update and assured players that the feared “pay-to-win” concerns that tend to come with free-to-play options will not be a problem and offer a few more details about the proposed option.

  • Subscribers will still exist, entitled to the best game experience without limitations, including unfettered access to all current and future "endgame" constructs (ownership of stations, capships and territory, guild creation/command, high military rank, etc).
  • "Free To Play" characters will have a relatively low/mid level cap, and will be prevented from creating guilds or any of the other endgame content mentioned above. For instance, within the upcoming RTS advancements in our battles, only subscribers would be able to hold command positions, while F2P players could not advance beyond lower enlisted ranks.
  • Microtransactions, should they be added, would only be offered to F2P users. They would simply allow the F2P user to purchase access to equipment or features that would otherwise be available at their character level. Subscribers would have no such need, without any limitations on availability or level caps.
  • Even with maximum use of purchasing power, F2P users would ultimately be capped well below that of subscribers, and would have no faster access to level or equipment, as their character level progress would not be impacted by purchasing power. Thus, subscribers will always have the best experience, as well as the entirely "level" playing field.

Read more about the free-to-play option on the Vendetta Online Kickstarter page.

Source: Vendetta Online Free-to-Play Kickstarter Option

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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