Vendetta Online made an effort to fund further expansion through Kickstarter back in February, which failed to raise the targeted goal of $100,000. Luckily for fans, the failed Kickstarter campaign has helped elevate the game’s visibility and further expansion is still on the way.

Vendetta Online developer Guild Software announced this week that the space-based MMOG will be making its way to the iPad on April 17th. The iPad version of the game will feature 30 star systems to explore with 256 different sectors containing around 7680 regions, twitch-based space combat, real-time PvP, and cross-platform play on PC, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS devices. It even comes with a single player free play mode.

Visit the Vendetta Online website to learn more.

Guild Software Bringing PC-Scale MMO Vendetta Online to iPad April 17

Grand Scale and True MMO Experience Across PC, Mac, Linux, Android, and Now iPad Platform

MILWAUKEE, WI- April 4, 2013 -  Guild Software, an award-winning independent game developer, today announced that the groundbreaking space MMO,  Vendetta Online, will be released on the iPad on April 17.  Vendetta Online is currently available on PC, Mac, Linux and Android, providing seamless gameplay between platforms in the same interstellar gaming universe.

Features of the iPad version of  Vendetta  Online include:

  • Grand scale – Explore 30 star systems, each containing 256 different sectors, adding up to 7680 regions of explorable space.
  • Twitch-based space combat – Utilize both tilt and on-screen touch inputs to control your starship.
  • True MMO experience on iPad - Unique interstellar missions and real-time PvP space combat.
  • Seamless gameplay between platforms - Play via PC, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS all in the same gaming universe.
  • Single player “Free Play” mode – Perfect your flying technique and enjoy minigames offline. 

Launched in 2002,  Vendetta Online  plants players as spaceship pilots in a vast online galaxy. Navigating the universe, players can battle enemy combatants and enter complex missions in order to hone their skills. With multiple character paths and infinite customization,  Vendetta Online brings intense real-time PvP action to the iPad.

Vendetta Online is $0.99 (includes one month of free play) with a $1/month subscription.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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