Weekly Development Activities

Samera gives us the skinny on what the DDO team is working on.

Weekly Development Activities (Jan 2, 2007)



These items are in QA and should be part of the next update, "Litany of
the Dead: Part 2".


NEW – You will now regenerate death XP debt slowly while in town (not
in dungeons) or while logged off.

NEW – We have fixed a condition where characters could periodically
enter a state where healing over time and damage over time effects
(including city regen, tavern regen, and food) were not working.

NEW – Displaying players only LFG in the Who panel should be much
snappier now.

NEW – Fixed several incorrect mapnotes.

NEW – Swimming underwater on low or medium graphics settings will no
longer produce a strobe-like effect.

UI Improvements

NEW – The /gather emote is now available.

NEW – The highlight on the activated action bar is now more visible.

NEW – When you are creating a party and someone asks to join your
group, you will now be able to send them a tell, accept or decline
their invitation, and even open the "create party panel" right from the
chat box. This is in addition to the old method of accessing these

NEW – All emails sent regarding auctioned items now include the item

NEW – If you switch from one character to another, you should no longer
see your previous character listed in the "Who" panel.


NEW – Mummies will no longer occasionally heal themselves to death.

NEW – Wraiths should no longer attack or cast while invisible and

NEW – The "spin attack" of vampires will now actually do damage.


NEW – Undead (except for incorporeal undead), vermin, and earth
elementals are no longer immune to the trip portion of the Cometfall

NEW – Sorcerers will now be able to activate Level 6 spell scrolls
using a caster level check.

Skills, Feats, & Abilities

NEW – We have changed how Mobile Spellcasting works. Now all players
can cast while on the move with half their normal movement speed.
However, with Mobile Spellcasting, you can move at full speed.
Consequently, the Improved Mobile Spellcasting feat has been removed,
as Mobile Spellcasting will now have the same effect Improved Mobile
Spellcasting previously had. Players who had the Improved Mobile
Spellcasting feat will gain a single free feat respec.

NEW – The lockpick animation will now take the same amount of time for
all races.


NEW – Halfling characters should no longer be able to get themselves
into a state where they are stuck with more than 4 enhancements and
cannot swap them out.

NEW – The Smite Evil enhancements family has a new icon.

NEW – Favored Enemy (Gnoll) no longer has a blank icon.


NEW – Drops of Ancient Bronze tokens have been greatly increased.

NEW – All Gnoll bane and Goblinoid bane weapons will now get their
to-hit and damage bonuses against the correct target types.

NEW – Monsters shaken by the "roaring" effect on several named items
will now have a "shaken" fear symbol over their heads.

NEW – Your ears will now be visible when equipping halo or tiara type

NEW – Gauntlets will no longer be created with minimum required levels
that are higher than level 12 when looting chests in CR 12 dungeons on
Elite. Existing gauntlets will not be changed. If you have gauntlets
that are higher than minimum level 13 or higher you can either sell
them or hold onto them for when the character level cap is increased in
the future.

NEW – The Telekinetic effect on Whirlwind and Sirroco has been changed
to use a Balance check to resist the knockdown instead of a Trip save.
This means that in most cases monsters will now resist the knockdown
more than they did before because most of the monster bonuses (size,
number of legs, etc) are only applied to Balance saves.

NEW – Both the Planar Gird and the Cape of the Roc will now be found in
the Clothing section of the Auction House. Previously these items were
listed in the Jewelry section.


NEW – Three-Barrel Cove

The Fire Caves

Adjusted the lava depth and added a ledge to help ensure players could
reach a chest.

NEW – Haunted Library

Moved a trap control box so that it is actually accessible to players.

Under Development

These items are currently in development and are scheduled for some
time after the next update.


The elven female avatar now has the braided hairstyle available.


The Hobgoblins have finally gotten their long-delayed and much-needed
shipments of bows. Now, wherever hobgoblins live, there is a chance
they will have some archers amongst their ranks.


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