Pretty Colors

What has Turbine been up to with Dungeons & Dragons Online:
Stormreach (DDO)? Let's take a look:

UI Improvements

  • We are adding Guild Names! They will be visible under player
  • Party Member names will be distinguished from other player
    names by color.
  • The colors for names of party members, other players, npcs, and
    monsters will be able to be changed.
  • Displayed damage values for sneak attacks and critical hits
    will appear in a distinctive fashion.
  • Hostile
    monsters names will now appear in a configurable color (default red).
    Friendly or neutral monster's names will look like NPCs names rather
    than hostile monster's names.
  • "Accept Choice" is no longer
    mapped to the number pad enter key by default. Existing players will
    still have this mapped to the number pad enter key and will need to
    change the setting on their own if they wish to unmap it. "Accept
    Choice" is intended to be what you use to answer "yes" to dialogs in
    the game. This change will prevent players from accidentally releasing
    from their body when they did not wish to.
  • When dragging items
    over the equipment slots in the UI, they will only highlight if the
    slot is compatible with the item. In addition, whenever you select an
    item, all of the compatible inventory slots will be highlighted.

There's lots more. Check out the complete list [ href="">HERE].

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016