September 12, 2006

It's another weekly forum roundup from Eldorudo, highlighting helpful
or interesting threads from the official forums at

Weekly Forum Roundup

  • The Gelatinous Cube has gone missing! Cupcake sends out an target="_blank" href="">**Amber
    Alert** Is this really a plot to kidnap the Cube, or just an
    elaborate hoax?
  • Sacrement has started and maintained a listing of Weapon
    Effects and what they do here in href="">weapon
    attribute specs. If you always wondered what effects like Ghost
    Touch did, refer to this post for clarification.
  • As a great supplement to Sacrement's thread, Fairydust has
    posted a very helpful video. Check out the href="">Weapon effects
    video. This will give visual aid to those Weapon Effects.
  • Tarmac lists the href="">Top 10
    Monsters... he would like to see added to DDO in future updates.
    Add your favorite creatures.
  • Blackmage
    lists the monsters that are the bane of his DDO existence, add your
    most hated DDO monsters, currently in the game here: href="">What critters
    do you hate the most?
  • MageLL is curious as to what is in href="">The "BIG"
    patch this month. Some of DDO's near future plans are discussed in
    this thread.
  • Music Man is running a very exciting href="">Battle Of The
    Bards contest over on the Thelanis server. If you play on Thelanis,
    or even if you don't, we encourage you to check this event out.

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