September 6, 2006

It's another weekly forum roundup from Eldorudo, highlighting helpful
or interesting threads from the official forums at

Weekly Forum Roundup

  • DDO recently returned from a very succesful showing at PAX. We
    several of our players out there and some of them report in with their
    PAX write-ups. Check out Memnir's href="">Penny Arcade
    Expo Wrap-Up. Also check out href="">tr0tsky's PAX
  • Sir Lawrence d'Deneith held several trivia events in the month
    of August across several servers. Here are the href="">Winners of the
    DDO In-Game Trivia Events For August.
  • Mattllow recently held a very cool contest for the DDO
    Community throughout the month of August. Here are the target="_blank" href="">August
    Contest Winners and Submissions! Congratulations to the winners,
    and a big thanks to Mattllow for holding the contest.
  • Take a peek at the href="">Weekly
    Development Activities (August 30, 2006) for a glimpse of upcoming
    additions and fixes to DDO.
  • We
    recently held a contest soliciting the community for in-game tips.
    Players that had their tips selected received the special forum title
    of "Stormreach Advisor" and will see their tips appear in game! Check
    out the href="">Got Tips –
  • Darkschneider has put together a very nice compilation thread
    of href="">Cleric Builds
    and More. Check it out to see all the variance in builds that are
  • Congratulate
    Ohboyoberto (Entry 2) for winning the Player Screenshot Poll this week.
    See the winning screenshot along with the other entries target="_blank" href="">here.
    Also be sure to take a look at href="">this weeks screenshots
    and href="">place your vote

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