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Community member LordDamax was the first to post some real information
about Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach (DDO) at target="_blank" href="http://www.gencon.com/">GenCon Indy and had
this to say:

There was no real "demo" or a pamphlet... Devs were on hand
to answer

Rate of fire for ranged weapons is getting a HUGE imrpovement... no
details, but the QA manager practially giggled with glee when talking
about it.

He didnt know which new spells.

"At least 2 new levels going in." - I asked so it may be more? He said
not likely, but "at least 2"

Not much info on the new zone, but did say the Marilith wiped a QA team
party in 30 seconds

Urm what else...

Kiting the mobs around the dragon is NOT the intended way to defeat the
encouter, and the QA guys have TWO 100% effective ways to kill the
dragon without kiting, and without MM'ing it to death. I'll try and get
more info, because *I* wanna friggin know! (EDIT: That 2 100% success
rate methods is for the NEW dragon after the FIXES. No comments on the
dragon NOW, but their success rate is AFTER the dragon fix)

Not a lot of info... I apologize, but me and a guildie talked to him
for an hour, just discussing stuff in general, problems, bugs, our
opinions, etc.

I'll try and get more for ya'll tomorrow. I for one wanna know what new
spells we're talking about here.


Community member Mattllow was also on hand and added :

Sorry it took so long to get this posted, but my keyboard
on my laptop
is going. Lets get right to it. Mod 3 will introduce lvl 12 as well as
a new desert area. Also PvP will be in then. The desert area will be
several times larger than 3 barrel cove. PvP will have a few different
ways. There will be tavern brawls, where you jump into a pit that will
be in many inns, in there anything goes. There will be capture the
flag, and last man standing as well. A few others are in works but
thats all the specifics we could get right now. As for Balancing I was
told they dont intend to balance for PvP with minor exceptions. If you
cast slay living, hope you make your save, or you just had a bad day.
Same with cloudkill as well as bard spells like ottos. There wont be a
penalty for dieing or a reward for winning. This could change down the
road, but not until they see how it plays. So for now its just a way
for us to play around. The minor exceptions mentioned are things like,
curse, and blindness will go away after you die. So nothing bad will
last once you die. Very good stuff! Ill post more in the next day or 2.
Thanks to Spork, Eldurado, Sig, and Eckelberry for the great info!

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