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Despite a hiatus when it comes to playing WildStar (curse these limited weekend sessions!) there’s still been plenty of news bumbling about over on Twitter, Reddit or the official forums. While Carbine prepare for PAX East, I’ve pulled together some of the choicest cuts of news or articles for your weekend reading pleasure.

First on the list is the fact that the UI 2.0 Patch has been pushed to the client. It’s a big’en, so make sure you begin updating your client now ready for next weekend. Alongside that, there’s the huge swathe of patch notes. You can find them here, and my analysis of them here.

Next on the list, because the new UI is such a hot topic is a collection of images that have sneaked out of Carbine on both twitter or from the client being scrapped.

If you have updated the client, there’s a new WildStar icon. What are your thoughts on that? Like it? Love it? Loathe it?

There’s an excellent Carbine post from Mike Donatelli talking about Elder Game items and Elder Gems and the methods the company are going to take to ensure everyone has a chance of grabbing the best loot. Thankfully the gating on Elder Gem acquisition (which you spend on fancy items) isn’t designed as the only source of items. You can read more about it here.

When it comes to PAX East, WildStar has got a pretty big presence: 300 PC’s in fact! Not only that but the team has been working hard preparing the booth. Fancy.

Alongside this, there’s plenty of WildStar advertising going up, on Taxi’s and billboards. Oh and the WildStar community is officially crazy.

Speaking of crazy, Stephan Frost took part in Hot Pepper Gaming which is basically him eating chillis dipped in Ass Reaper sauce (that can’t be good for you). As always, the Hot Pepper Gaming footage never fails to raise a laugh.

As for hot topics and interesting discussion, there’s a great thread over on the official forums chewing the fat on the new character body shapes, while there’s also a pretty epic thread about flying mounts. That one is particularly lengthy so you might want to put an afternoon aside to read through it. Another discussion that caught my attention this week, talking about Gold Farmers was over on Reddit (there’s some interesting thoughts there).

Where AMP’s are concerned (the reduction in potency affects most classes), Carbine (Aodz) has taken to the forums to clear the air a little. He also followed up some responses here.

Before I finish, there’s some really good chat about the new Breakout Gameplay change that I feel is well worth a read.

Special mentions should also go to WildStar Core who’re giving away 2 free copies of WildStar (1 copy for US and 1 for EU), WildStar>/em> Fans are giving away custom made “Path Coasters” while there’s still time to help design a WildStar weapon.

Lastly (honest!) here’s a video of Community Manager Tony Rey taking on some grapes (don’t ask). It makes me laugh every time.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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