Xundau Addressed a post by Black Adder on the official forums today. Black Adders post reads as the following:

"I haven't found any info on this so I desided to put the question on the table. if you are killed do you have to go back to your corpse to to retrive lost items or do you respawn with them that is if you respawn I dont know if you can do that ether "

Xundaus post in the official forums reads like this:

"Don't worry guys. No matter how you're brought back -- whether you're raised on the spot, your party members carry your soulstone to a resurrection shrine, or you choose to resurrect in town -- you'll still have all of your stuff.

No corpse runs (or other players looting your corpse) here."

Once again Turbine takes out the monotony of a task we all dread. Retrieving every item we have worked so hard to get. How many times in other games have you gone back to your corpse only to be held off by a monster you had no way of defeating without your weapons or to find you corpse looted buy someone else? Well that won't happen to you again. I love DDO more everyday.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016