Xanadu, eh? I hope it's the mythical version and not the broadway version.

Zu Online announced today that their latest zone is out and available for exploration.

The Zu team is happy to announce the long-awaited, highly anticipated scene “Little Sky” is now available to all Zu players!

“Little Sky” is a Xanadu surrounded by dense fog all year around. Nearby the tranquil lake there’s a lotus pavilion. It was originally built for Boulder Immortal, but now it is used to keep the 7 Seven Northern Immortals trapped. Although Little Sky is very small, the amount of wonder and magic there are unsurpassed. The way there is on a twisting cloud path that winds through the silent bamboo forest and Starfalling Cliff. Most of the monsters in Little Sky are approximately levels 140 to 180 and there are also many new treasures to be found including precious items and top equipment.

Read more about it at the Zu Online site.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016