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Posted Tue, Sep 06, 2005 by Ethec

Auto Artsy-Fartsy

MMORPG.COM sat down for a Q&A with Peter Grundy, Art Director for Auto Assault. They contemplate the bigger questions, as artists like to do: One of the catch phrases often thrown about the industry is that many bemoan a lack of innovation in MMORPGs. Auto Assault and Jumpgate have both strayed from the beaten path. How do you see the industry breaking out of its current rut of class based fantasy RPGs? Or do you?
Peter Grundy:

It’s going to be hard. We suffer from the same problems the movie industry does. Is it really worth the risk, breaking a mold that works when so much is riding on the success? Who has the confidence to risk it? These games take so long to make and if you’re wrong there aren’t many second chances. Both Auto Assault and Jumpgate have strayed from the current mold or genre that most MMO’s are taking, but we did this out of conviction on what we think an online game should be, not what they currently are. The verdict is still out as to whether this is what other people want too.

But to know what an artist like Peter Grundy really means you'll have to stare at his work for hours, then go to college to have other people explain it to you. Or, you could just read the rest of the MMORPG.COM Auto Assault art interview!


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