Warhammer Online: Interview with Games Workshop's Erik Mogensen

Back to Where it All Began

With all the anticipation about Warhammer Online:Age of Reckoning and it's growing legions of fans, Ten Ton Hammer decided to head back to the original source of this richly detailed world and talk to the folks that started it all 26 years ago. Games Workshop's Erik Mogensen was kind enough to answer our questions and show us just how one takes an IP as beloved as Warhammer and makes the transition from tabletop to the virtual world. Erik also discusses some ideas and tips on how to get started in the Warhammer Battle Game so we can get our Warhammer fix while waiting for WAR to be released. To top it all off, we have some exclusive screenshots showing The Gates of Ekrund in both tabletop and virtual models, as well as a Witch Elf and a piece of Shadow Warrior concept art!

What was your first reaction when EA Mythic approached you about making another Warhammer MMOG? There was already one Warhammer MMOG that never made it to the final stage of production, why did you want to try the process again?

EM: We were excited. We never stopped thinking that a Warhammer MMOG was a good idea; we just realized that we were better off letting someone else produce it. So when Mythic approached us, we were glad that such a capable company was interested. And, as Mark Jacobs has often pointed out, we've known each other for years, so it wasn't entirely a surprise!

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