Anarchy Online Developer Journal #1: Introduction

As the first graphically advanced massively multiplayer sci-fi game to hit the market, Anarchy Online has a long and storied history in our industry. To learn more about the ground-breaking game and its current development stage, we've given Nina "Aythem" Sund, Content Desgner/Writer for Anarchy Online, an open forum to discuss her thoughts, background, and connection with this long-running game. As a continuing series, Nina will disperse these developers journals on a regular basis for you--the Ten Ton Hammer readers--to enjoy!

So how did I end up here with such power at my hands? I've been here for two and a half years and started out in Quality Assurance before moving on to become a designer. It's been a bit of a longer journey getting here though. Five years ago, I would never have imagined I would do this for a living. Like many of the people who work here, I started out as a player. The funny thing is that Anarchy Online is the first MMO I ever played, way back in 2002. Now, a few years later, I am lucky enough to work on the continued development of the very same game that got me interested in the game industry in the first place, and I positively love my job!

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