LotRO: Weekly Troll Report 01/18/2007

The Official Forums Without the $&*%@ Drama!
The Official Forums Without the $&*%@ Drama!

Forums can be full of drama and tension when it comes to various discussions. With all the drama post out there, who has time to sift through the countless threads for that small nugget of information or worthy discussion? I do! Find out who carries those elusive Beryl Shards. What's this about new forum avatars? And who is the Weekly Troll Report Kinship of the Week? Find out the answer to these questions and many more in this week's report from Ten Ton Hammer's LotRO community manager, Martuk.

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Karen is H.D.i.C. (Head Druid in Charge) at EQHammer. She likes chocolate chip pancakes, warm hugs, gaming so late that it's early, and rooting things and covering them with bees. Don't read her Ten Ton Hammer column every Tuesday. Or the EQHammer one every Thursday, either.
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