Dungeon Runners Dev Diary: Making a Monster

They've Created a MONSTER!
They've Created a MONSTER!

Have you ever wondered how MMOG developers create their monsters? How they come up with all their kooky characters? The developers at Dungeon Runners have taken time out of their busy schedule to answer these questions and give us a look into this very process. Ten Ton Hammer has your inside look at how monsters are created, and when you finish the article, make sure you download the free Dungeon Runners client!

Being one of those legacy projects that's inherited more than its share of resources (code, system architecture, networking, music and artwork) over the years, Dungeon Runners has had a lot of art to draw from for its vast selection of nasty, oddball and frankly freakishly hideous monsters. Of course, after awhile we've nearly run out of all the stuff we can easily use or steal. More and more we've internally developed new creatures, sticking with the concepts and themes we're familiar with. As our team grows, you'll be seeing many more strange and horrific creatures to deal with, as well as some surprising ones we're still keeping under our hat.

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