Pirates of the Burning Sea: The Naval Officer

In the Navy!
In the Navy!

With Flying Labs Studios' new MMOG Pirates of the Burning Sea just shy of two weeks old, it's a mad rush on every server to get ahead. Which of the four character classes best fits your play style?  Perhaps a brief overview of each of them can help you pick one out from the crowd. This week we look at the career of the Naval Officer.

Personally, I've always been a fan of the pirate game genre - Sid Meier's "Pirates!", anyone? I played that to death, both the original way-back-when and the newer one this millenium. Playing a Naval Officer in Pirates of the Burning Sea is, for me, much like Pirates! in an MMOG context. That just makes it all the sweeter! And luckily for us, Flying Labs didn't add a dancing mini-game component (Sid, what were you thinking???)

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