LotRO: 9 New Exclusive Screenshots from Book 12

A Sneak Peek at an "Unpublished Book"
A Sneak Peek at an "Unpublished Book"

Lord of the Rings Online is approaching the launch of its fourth free update Book 12: The Ashen Wastes. This week Ten Ton Hammer has acquired nine new exclusive screenshots from the Book 12 update showing off some of the new housing trophy items, the Angmar instance relating to the Seven Swords quests, and an up close and personal look of the Delving of Fror's Rogmul, Gaergoth The Unbound.

Ten Ton Hammer has scored some new screenshots from the Lord of the Rings Online Book 12: The Ashen Wastes update. The new screenshots show off many of the new customization items for player housing from the trophy system. You will get a look at some of the housing items that are sure to be a hit for any kinship such as the Sword of the Rift Balrog, the Head of Thorog, Udunion's Sword, and The Mirror of Mordirith. We even get a look inside of an Angmar instance dungeon and some up close and personal screenshots of the Delving of Fror Rogmul known as Gaergoth The Unbound.

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