The Death of Myst Online: An Interview with GameTap

Fading into the Myst
Fading into the Myst

The announcement that GameTap was going to discontinue Myst Online: Uru Live came as a sad surprise to many gamers, industry press, and developers. Myst Online was one of the only "alternative" MMORPGs on the market, and its removal will leave an indelible empty space. However, Myst Online's discontinuation also raises questions about the future of GameTap in the MMOG marketplace, and Ten Ton Hammer sat down with Ricardo Sanchez, Creative Director and VP of Content for GameTap, who answered all of our questions regarding Myst Online and MMOGs.

We thought the game would fit in well at GameTap in part because we have such a wide age range in our userbase. There are a lot of 35+ people who use GameTap, who were fans of the Myst franchise, as well as being fans of some of our older content. On the flip side, the devoted Uru fans were likely to be familiar with some of our brands like Pac-Man and we thought the two products would complement each other. Cyan and Turner have also had a long relationship so there was an already established level of cooperation and trust there that we could build upon.

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