Dungeons & Dragons Online - Shadowfell Conspiracy expansion is live!

Have you got what it takes to uncover the sinister Shar plot that threatens to destroy Cormyr from within? Find out with the Shadowfell Conspiracy expansion that went live this morning.

Dungeons and Dragons Online has released a new expansion this morning entitled, Shadowfell Conspiracy. As the official site says, "An unnatural darkness looms over the prison city of Wheloon as shadows spread across the land. Uncover the sinister Shar plot threatening to destroy Cormyr from within, and face the full might of the Empire of Netheril in Dungeons & Dragons Online™: Shadowfell Conspiracy!"

Previous game updates have had plenty of content, but this one goes beyond them all. This feature packed expansion includes two new Forgotten Realms adventure packs - Wheloon City and The Storm Horns, Iconic Heroes (more on this below), a new Saga system, a complete revamp of the Enhancement system, The Hall of Heroes - a new option for quick travel between the Forgotten Realms and Eberron, an increase to the level cap - characters can now level up to 28, stealth system updates, a revamp of Stormreach Harbor, the ability to use Astral Shards to re-roll on any chest inside an adventure (one time per chest per run), new prizes in the Daily Dice system, and a new skill - Spellcraft. The update also includes the usual round of class changes and bug fixes.

Whew! That's a lot of content, but that's what you expect when paying for an expansion. One of the more interesting pieces in all of this are the Iconic Heroes. Here's a quick note about these heroes according to the release notes page:

"Wield the power of all-new prestige characters including the Shadar-kai Assassin, Sun elf Morninglord, and Purple Dragon Knight! These unique characters start in Forgotten Realms at level 15 and feature exclusive skills and appearances.

There are currently four Iconic Hero types available:
  • Purple Dragon Knight Iconic Hero: A stalwart Fighter, cut loose from active service, who can lead the charge with rallying battle-cries.
  • Shadar-kai Iconic Hero: A lethal Rogue who has thrown off the Netherese yoke and draws on innate powers of the Shadowfell to hide and to kill.
  • Morninglord Iconic Hero: A battle-ready Cleric of the great sun-god who wields holy light against the dark in all its wicked forms.
  • Bladeforged Iconic Hero: An exotic warforged Paladin follower of the Lord of Blades wrought from the infamous Creation Forge."
To check out the new expansion and read about everything it has to offer, head over to the official site and compare the versions for yourself!

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