WoW Paladin Guide: Talent Guides (Holy/Retribution/Protection)

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Paladin Talent Guide

The Paladin class has many great talents and almost as many bad ones. Which are which though? To many new players it is not always clear. This leads players to following other players builds rather than creating a build that suits their play style. The aim of this guide is to help you create your own build, or perfect an existing one to better suit you. You can do this by better understanding of each talent.

The tables linked to below for each talent tree are formatted by tier and let you know what each talent does in simple terms. It also outlines in point form the good or bad about each talent. Bolded tags at the end of most descriptions point out the really good or really bad talents.

This guide is useful for both new and experienced players in different ways. For newer players it can help you determine what talents you want to work towards as you level up. Experienced players can find alternate opinions or information on talents that they may have taken for granted, or information that is useful when considering re-speccing.

Holy Talent Guide

Click here to head to our Holy Talent Guide.

Protection Talent Guide

Click here to head to our Protection Talent Guide.

Retribution Talent Guide

Click here to head to our Retribution Talent Guide.


Need help understanding exactly what talents are? Check out our generic Talent Guide today!

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