GDC 2008: Gleemax and D&D Insider Interview - Part Two

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Before You Roll Your D20...Roll On Over and Check Out This Interview

For many MMORPG players, our first entry into the roleplaying game arena was behind the kitchen table playing a game of Dungeons & Dragons. Today, we finish off our interview with the developers of Gleemax and Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition and we talk about the character generator, third party games being produced for Gleemax, and other novel ideas. However, make sure you've read through the first part of our interview if you haven't yet, then head back here for the epic conclusion!

Ilja: We're going to be using a broad range of marketing techniques because on one hand we already have a strong thriving community for our games, but there are still players out there – especially in the video gaming community – that aren't familiar with the Gleemax / digital initiative project.

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