Red 5 Studios: Hints and Latest Info Revealed by CEO Mark Kern

What's Going On Behind Red 5 Studio's Closed Doors?

The last few years have been full of promise for the future of massively multiplayer online games. For those that were interested in the MMORPG marketplace, it seemed like every other month featured the announcement of a new studio jumping into the marketplace. One of the most exciting of the unveiled studios during this time period was Red 5 Studios, and the studio has continued to make headlines throughout 2006 and 2007. But 2008 has yet to field any interview with the Red 5 team. To break the silence, the Ten Ton Hammer staff members caught up with Red 5's president and CEO, Mark Kern, to find out what's been happening with the studio. However, that's not just all we talked about and Kern even dropped a few hints about the upcoming game! Read on to find out more!

Kern: I know people are just waiting for something new and fresh...keep the faith. MMOs are about to get a lot cooler, not just from us, but from everyone's need to evolve and make the most out of online games in new ways. We kind of hit a furrow after WoW shipped and stunned everyone. There was a scramble just to understand what had happened and why it succeeded, and the generation of games that followed were largely mimicry and clones. That's about to change!

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