Cody's Blog: The Loss of Imagination

Clear as MUD
Clear as MUD

This week Cody "Micajah" Bye reinstalled Gemstone IV onto his super-duper-killer computer.....and had fun. Why? What can modern MMORPGs STILL learn from the old text-based games? What do they need to do to reengage with the imaginations of their audience? Cody discusses all of these questions and more in his latest blog, titled "The Loss of Imagination."

Being an avid reader for most of my childhood and into my adult life, it was easy for me to visualize these places that were merely described on my computer screen. Instead of being forced to view an artistic style that I didn't enjoy (I've never been a huge fan of WoW's cartoony graphics), I was in charge of what I saw and kept my own thoughts on what was going on.

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