City of Heroes Developer Diary: Giving the Hollows Zone a Makeover

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Shiny New Zone Revamp

Every once in awhile, a zone in a MMORPG simply needs a bit of polish, love, and a large bit of redoing. Recently, the Hollow zone in City of Heroes underwent a complete redo, and City of Heroes' level designer, Melissa "War Witch" Bianco, took a moment to jot done exactly what she did in each area. Check it out!

I wanted to make the transition from City zone to Hazard zone less painful, especially since new players are 'forced' to go there by a Contact. I made this neighborhood a standard 'city' spawn zone. What this means is that I made the spawns "do-able" by solo players up to groups of three, which is pretty standard for a city zone. I also kept the roads free of bad guys so that, within reason, players could get around Cherry Hills without massive difficulty.

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