Stargate Worlds Exclusive Technical Interview

The Technology Behind the MMOG
The Technology Behind the MMOG

Massively multiplayer online games are massive projects that take an immense amount of manpower to develop. Huge teams of programmers and engineers are brought in to help create a world that is cohesive and technologically stable, yet fans of the title often don't hear anything about the technical aspects of their game of choice. Always dedicated to the thoughts and minds of their readers, the Ten Ton Hammer staff took a moment to chat with Stargate World's Technology Director, Demetrius Comes. If you want to learn something about the tech side of MMOGs, this is the interview to read!

Demetrius: We have and will continue to spend a good deal of focused resources on our marriage between Big World and Epic's Unreal 3 engines. This focused effort is used to ensure we cut out all the fat from the communications layer. As for tricks, the Internet is going to lag but you can still minimize the effect on your game by balancing client prediction systems, with the genre's need to be server authoritative. It's all a balancing act of allowing the client to react smoothly to the player but still insure everything they are doing is legal, balance that with today's standard approaches to latency offsetting, etc and you can have a fast-paced MMO that doesn't feel laggy.

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