Tabula Rasa: Guide to Maligo Base: Upper Level

Head to the Upper Level...
Head to the Upper Level...

Deep in the Bane controlled part of southern Valverde Plateau in Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa stands a secretive enemy facility known as Maligo Base. After slogging through the muck of Ustor Yard, you are ready to break in to this Bane stronghold and find out just what it is they are doing in there. Ten Ton Hammer continues the Maligo Base Guide with Part Two - the Upper Level.

The Bane were using the AFS prisoners to test their new wormhole device, and a lot of the results were, well, messy. The prisoners were able to stage a coup and get free, and now theyÂ’re fighting back. Some prisoners are still being used for testing, and the best way to save them is to destroy the device itself.

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