Requiem: Bloodymare Closed Beta Interview

Oh, Horrors!
Oh, Horrors!

When an individual walks into a horror movie, most people know exactly what they're going to see. Blood, gore, and overt sexuality are all trademarks of the horror genre and are also the atmospheric focus of Gravity Interactive's latest MMORPG. Titled Requiem: Bloodymare, the game (which we previewed earlier this month) has received a fair amount of attention from fans and the gaming press. Recently, Ten Ton Hammer's Cody "Micajah' Bye caught up with Jason Koerperich, Community Manager for Gravity, and drilled him about Requiem and the many unique features the game brings to the table. The pair discuss PvP, setting, game mechanics, and much more in this extensive interview!

Jason: Bloody battles, big swords, severed limbs and heads flying off in all directions, that's how a Temperion does their work. The Havok engine allows for some truly gruesome killing blows which actually take into account the sword's angle and momentum when displaying the carnage. The best part is that others will see the same result on their screens, so large parties wading into battle truly can be witness to some truly epic, gory battles.

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