Mythos Beta Journal #4: the FAQ

Welcome to Mythos Beta Journal #4. In this installment, I am tackling some frequently asked questions (FAQs). If you missed them, you should still
Welcome to Mythos Beta Journal #4. In this installment, I am tackling some frequently asked questions (FAQs). If you missed them, you should still go read Mythos Beta Journal #1, Journal #2, and Journal #3. Those 3 covered some of my play experiences and the basic systems of Mythos, the action game by Flagship Studios in closed beta now.  The FAQ below should cover a lot of the the things I missed.

The Cyclops is a brutish race with a single eye, as its name indicates.

Playable Races, Classes, and Character Creation
Q: How many races are there in Mythos?
A: We currently get access to 4: Humans, Satyrs, Gremlins, and Cyclops. A fifth race has been rumored in the beta forums. I'll add the rumor of the fifth race to my list of questions for a potential interview.

Q: Do the races have any inherent bonuses?
A: Yes. Right now, each race gets a bonus to kill certain types of enemies (undead or beasts, for example) and a slight resistance to at least one element, such as fire, cold, or electricity.

Q: How many class are there?
A: Three so far: Bloodletter, Gadgeteer, and Pyromancer. Each of the classes can train in some very different ways to make sure that multiple builds are possible. The Bloodletter can learn powerful melee skills but can also choose to focus on summoning minions. The Gadgeteer can augment ranged attack skills or use traps and widgets as effectively as a wizard uses magic in many other games. The Pryomancer can focus on fiery magic or melee combat skills.

Q: Are there any race/class restrictions?
A: No. Any race can be any class.

Q: How many character slots do we get?
A: In closed beta, I had 10 characters created at once and did not see any sign that I would be cut off. It is unclear how many the public build of Mythos will allow. I'll add it to the list for interview questions.

A recent change to Mythos award stat bonuses for placing skill points into the tiers.

Costs and Fees
Q: How much will Mythos cost?
A: The game will be free to download.

Q: What will the monthly fee be?
A: Mythos will be free to play.

Q: Will access to some content cost money?
A: The plan expressed by Flagship Studios is to introduce an extra form of in-game currency, called ingots, that can be used to purchase exclusive items. There has been no mention of blocking access to certain maps. And there has even been indications that items purchased with ingots will not necessarily be the best items available. Flagship Studios has said that ingots can be traded and that it is conceivable that non-paying players who find the best items in dungeons may be able to trade their loot for ingots or exclusive items that can only be purchased with ingots. I'll add ingots to the interview list for further comment.

Social Aspects
Q: What makes Mythos a massively-multiplayer online game (MMOG)?
A: Mythos is just as much a MMOG as Dungeons & Dragons Online and Guild Wars. Just like in those games, players in Mythos meet in cities that act as hubs for forming groups in dungeons and overland maps that are mostly instanced.

Q: Are there guilds?
A: Yes, players can form guilds by seeing a registrar and paying a fee. Guilds serve as a great way to allow friends to chat while grouped with others and to get help with dungeons.

Q: How many players are in a party?
A: At least 2 people form a party. 5 people can fit into a single party. I have heard of bosses that can take two parties of 5 in a "raid" situation. I'll ask for details in my interview questions.

Q: Does the game support voice chat?
A: Mythos has options for a built-in chat system, but it is not working at the moment.

Q: Do we get to keep a buddy list? Does it transfer from character to character?
A: Yes and yes.

Q: Are there any tools for people looking for group (LFG)?
A: There are different chat channels and a button called a Party Finder. I have not played with the button yet.

There's more to come. Next, I'll cover some crafting details and talk about potential time lines for open beta and release.

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