AoC: Forum Fight #1 Airs - RP-PvP vs RP-PvE

And the Winner By a Knockout...
And the Winner By a Knockout...

You've waited, you've voted, and now it's time to see the results of our first Age of Conan Forum Fight. This fight brings us two fighters with opposing views fighting over which server types are needed: Role-Playing-Player-vs-Player or Role-Playing-Player-vs-Environment.

Coenheart, no stranger to the Ten Ton Hammer: Age of Conan community violently defends the RP-PvP servers. His challenger, Khalathwyr; also a veteran of forum activity here at Ten Ton Hammer; goes toe to toe, defending RP-PvE servers.

Who will fall, and who will be declared champion Forum Fighter?

Martuk: Perhaps its from all my years of head trauma, but did Coen actually just make Khal's point?

JoBildo: I think... yeah, I think he did.

Martuk (shuffling blindly through papers): How the heck do we score that one?!

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